The Restaurant

The Raschiani family offers for over 60 years, with the succession of family generations, the traditional cuisine of Bobbio and Piacenza, with dishes enriched with pleasing details.
The use of fresh and in-season ingredients, the traditional "pasta" stricly handmade following the ancient recipes, brings to you the authentic flavors of our hills


Our rooms may accommodate your banquets and ceremonies, thus providing a menus dedicated for the occasion. Even the music is not overlooked, with an area equipped for the dancing, also available for private parties.


It can not miss in summer an outdoor lunch on the beautiful panorama which opens to your view, or a romantic dinner by candlelight under the stars.

The specialties


The wines and cold cuts are homemade, so are the desserts prepared according to traditional recipes. Our products are available for purchase by anyone who requests it.

Traditional dishes

First courses

  • Strained tortelli pasta
  • Bobbiese style maccheroni pasta handmade by knitting needle
  • Ravioli in broth
  • Little Dumplings
  • Taglioline pasta with porcini mushrooms
  • Green ventagli pasta with butter and sage
  • Baked Piacenza Style Turnovers
  • Eggplant dumplings with zucchini and cherry tomatoes

Main courses

  • In-season Selvaggina
  • Braised beef with mushrooms
  • Boneless and stuffed Guinea fowl
  • Baked culatello of pork
  • Duck with pink grapefruit
  • Bobbiese style snails
  • Grilled fillet
  • Fried dumpling with salami


  • Apple pie or with homemade jams
  • Tart Pie
  • Bobbiese style almond cake
  • Pistacchio Semifreddo
  • Strawberry Bavarian
  • Chestnut and chocolate mousse
  • Desserts
  • Crisp
In our menu' are also present:
  • Piacentina style tortelli
  • Grandma's goodies

prepared by us for the celiacs.